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Thebiosdump was founded by AhmedRza, an internationally recognized Web Designer and Developing expert.


Web Designer & Developer, Seo Expert

After failing with his first five online business,

Ahmed finally struck gold with a site in the personal finance space in 2017.

He created biosdumps For Provide Bios Files.

Waqar Asim

He is 27 and Content Advisor  Biosdumps,

Director of Operations.

WiKi Computers

 He is active in Tutorial videos, articles and Communications section.

Skill: Excellent with Networking and Multi-media Seo Expert as well as the English Language.


Mudasir Iqbal

Mudasir Iqbal

He is 22 and has eight years’ experience of work.

Skills: Teaching as a laptop technician.

He has advanced skills in Hardware and Software Computer.

He is Sales Manager of biosdumps in Pakistan.