EDIMAX Pro OAP900 Outdoor Access Point Firmware (version 1.7.1)

EDIMAX Pro OAP900 2 x 2 AC Single-Band Outdoor PoE Access Point.

EDIMAX Pro OAP900 Access Point Firmware Download.


New Features.

  • EDIMAX Pro OAP900 Add Active Client kick out capacity.
  • Add “IP Address” data of Active Client
  • Add Signal quality appeared from “%” to “dBm”
  • OAP900 Add WEB numerous login


  • – Fix Traffic molding
  • – Fix Dashboard UI remote customer list issue
  • OAP900 802.11AC High Speed: IEEE 802.11ac with 900Mbps remote speed.
  • Simple Installation: Wall-mount or shaft mounted plan with simple establishment pack.
  • Rough Construction: IP55 weatherproof lodging can perform regularly under thorough climate.
  • Intended for High-Density Usage: Supports up to fifty clients at the same time, perfect for swarmed situations and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) work environments.
  • Various SSIDs for Security Management: Supports up to 16 SSIDs perfect for numerous divisions, client gatherings, clients or visitors.
  • Quick Roaming: Roams easily between APs without slack or intrusion, guaranteeing top execution for video and voice spilling applications.
  • Wide Coverage and High Sensitivity: Adjustable RF yield power and high recipient affectability for wide scope crosswise over huge spaces.
  • Consistent Mobility: 1.5x more noteworthy scope than ordinary APs for the cover scope to guarantee consistent availability for Wi-Fi gadgets crosswise over big business conditions.
  • Control over Ethernet: Supports Passive PoE and Passive PoE out.
  • Worked In RADIUS Server: With administration for up to 256 client accounts.
  • Business Environments: Advanced decision for elite applications. Appropriate for an extensive variety of business applications, for example, crosswise over college grounds, stadiums, outside shopping centers, lodgings, and nearby streams, parkways, railroads, and others.
  • Focal Management: Edimax Pro Network Management Suite (NMS), simple and Intuitive online focal administration suite, underpins AP cluster engineering.



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