Power Beam m5 400 (AC) Long-Range Wifi Bridge Firmware [16-6-17]

Power Beam m5 400 Long-Range Wifi Bridge Firmware Updated (16-6-17) Download

Power Beam m5 400 Long-Range Wifi Bridge

 Power Beam m5 400



The brand new Power Beam m5 400 has a compact, all-in-one design with uniform beam width, green footprint and a faster processor. The Power Beam m5 400 may be without difficulty set up in a diffusion of methods thanks to the progressive mechanical design.

Advanced noise immunity.

  • The power beam directs Rf electricity in a tighter beamwidth. with the focal point in one course,
  • The Power Beam m5 400 blocks or spatially filters out the noise.
  • The critical place with other Rf signal of the same frequency.

Reduced Form Factor.

  • Proficient impression. The radio and receive wire are consoled into a solitary body that consumes up the negligible room.
  • A mounting The Power Beam m5 400 can be mount in any position required for the viewable pathway.
  • Style The PowerBeam is sufficiently little to mix tactfully out of spotlight at a client’s are
airMAX Technology Included.
  • Ubiquiti’s Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) airMAX convention enables every customer to send and get information utilizing pre-assigned vacancies planned by an astute AP controller.
  • This schedule opening strategy dispenses with concealed hub crashes and boosts broadcast appointment proficiency.
  • It gives critical execution enhancements in inactivity, throughput, and adaptability contrasted with all other outside frameworks in its class. With can QoS need is give to voice/video for consistent and is able to do fast transporter class joins.



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