Ubiquiti Nanobeam-M5-400 Firmware File download ->Update 2017

Ubiquiti Nanobeam-M5-400 Firmware File download Update 2017

Ubiquiti Nanobeam-M5-400 Firmware File

Ubiquiti Nanobeam-M5-400 Firmware

Fixes And Enhancement:

Empowering “Cover up Indoor Channels” on Stations causes losing  of availability

Ubiquiti Nanobeam-M5-400 Separates on wpa2-eap re-verifications

STA Channels pickup issues in VHT80 modes

DFS does not begin CAC clocks on channels which have passed all DFS technique sometime recently

Station working in PTMP mode can’t partner to AP

Yield control gets diminished when setting Antenna Gain more noteworthy than MAX Output Power

802.11n APs with same SSIDs as airMAX AC AP can bolt up Stations affiliation

Apply Frequency List design with quick restart

Multicast movement in PTMP streams with least rates (as communicates)

SNMP reports old gadgets name in the wake of transforming it

Segregated Capacity is not accessible by means of SNMP (MIB refresh required)

Reset catch on PoE connector does not work

Incidental gadget hangs up amid design changes

Activity shapers don’t channels VLAN labeled entrance movement

Radio hangs up after yield powers change while doing quick restart

Ports forward changes cause high CPU use

Increment check timeout

Throughput corruption after a few times

On a PTMP APs RX broadcast appointment was off base

STA-PTMP quits passing information (STA kick is required from AP side)

STA neglects to reconnect to APs after was disengaged

STA might send EVM report just when surveyed by APs

AP-PTMP crash while setting TDMA parameters

PTMP downloads throughput is moderate in substantial system

Startling STA detaches

Diminish blasts of remotes details. Decrease CPU use on APs

Keep airView radios from slamming when stations disassociate

Range bookkeeping doesn’t report exchanged information counters

Station can’t interface after AP filter

After many channels changes radio crash

Utilize demonstrate for Short Name in disclosure bundles to make it unique

Here and there stations can’t interface with APs

EIRP limits count isn’t right when Frequency List is empowered on APs

Refresh Pakistan administrative. Max EIRP 20dBms (100mW) for 5GHz

Buffs flood in PHP2

MTU mistake when changing to cutting edge modes

Port sending does not work PPPoE Client for WAN

Enhance holds up message on encompassing clamor diagram (airView)

Fundamental tab see issue after changing STA-PTMP/AP-PTMP

DHCP server go approval issue

Remote Constellation Diagram control esteem is inaccurate

Wrong channel width on STA primary page when disengaged

Max control figuring does not take recurrence list in tally

Enhanced airOS auto refresh check

Included “7” to airOS logo

Show conceivable LAN interface transaction speed for Auto choices

Session validation ought to incorporate URL port for treats recognizable pieces of proof

Site Survey amid dynamic sweep continues looking over outcomes pages to the TOP

Speed test apparatus returns invalid outcome at first


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