Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 5GHz CPE Firmware File download

Ubiquiti  NanoStation M5 5GHz CPE Firmware File download

Ubiquiti NSM5 NanoStation M5 5GHz CPE Firmware File download


Fixes And Enhancement:

/Fixes. Ubiquiti NSM5 Don’t do full restart on most configuration changes

/Fixes. NanoStation M5 Added Crash log reporting to Ubiquiti Networks for better troubleshooting

/Fixes. NSM5 AP drops stations when another AP with the same SSID is running on the same frequency

/Fixes. NanoStation M5 Can’t SSH to Mikrotik devices

/Fixes. RADIUS MAC Authentication fails in case server isn’t reachable

/Fixes. Increased the upload-timeout for pushing firmware upgrades to remote nodes over marginal paths

/Fixes. Completely rewrote the graphical reporting of SNR to show real-time and 2-day trends for each neighbor



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